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Is tummy tuck surgery right for me?

One of the main reasons why women want a tummy tuck is that they feel they look pregnant, they have no core support to their abdomen, so they feel they’ve always got a bit of a bulge that they can’t easily control and they often have excess skin. And in general it just makes them feel very unladylike, very uncomfortable, and they can’t dress comfortably. So the tummy tuck is designed to remove the excess skin, to tighten up the muscles and to resolve all of those issues. And if it works well it returns their core strength, it means they can jump up out of a chair quickly again, they can sit up in bed without having to roll sideways because they’ve got more strength in their abdomen. If you have back pain, it can often help with the back pain because it produces more interior core support and often symptoms of back pain will resolve following surgery. But the main advantage is you remove the overhang of skin, you restore a flat abdominal wall, and actually the confidence that that gives the patients that need this operation is quite dramatic. Their posture improves, they just feel much better, they’re much more comfortable dressing in their clothes and feel much more comfortable out of their clothes. So, for the right patient it is an excellent operation with huge psychological benefit.