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Combined Procedures

Certain surgical procedures can be used in combination during the same anaesthetic. In suitable patients the benefits are that there is less downtime for recovery and it can offer a more holistic outcome. (Please note that all images are original and un-modified and consent has been kindly given for their use)


This patient of Mr Floyd’s is 44 and had an augmentation mastopexy, liposuction to the flank and waistline and a full abdominoplasty. The result shown is at 7 months post-op showing scar pigmentation due to her hispanic origin.
This 48 year old patient of David Floyd had a simple mastopexy and a full abdominoplasty together with liposuction to waistline and inner thigh. The result is shown at 1 year post-op.
This 36 year old lady had a breast augmentation using 345cc anatomical sub pectoral implants and a full abdominoplasty by David Floyd. The post-op picture was taken at 1 year.


Length of surgery 1-6 hours depends on combination of procedures
Anaesthesia General anaesthetic
In-patient stay 1-2 nights and always performed in a hospital operating theatre

Risks and Complications :
Frequent Bruising, swelling, temporary numbness
Infrequent Infection, delayed wound healing, bleeding(haematoma), asymmetry, poor scarring,

Recovery 5-10 days before socialising with friends and family
7-14 days off work
1st dressing at 1 week
driving 2-4 weeks
return to the gym 6 weeks
travel abroad 4-6 weeks

Follow-up 1 week, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months